Bend, Don’t Break

daily updates Jul 14, 2021

We start the day with Moon in relaxed Purva Phalguni Leo Pada 3 and move into Pada 4 in the early afternoon. Today is a much more flexible day.

What is relaxation, peace, fun, pleasure and happiness? Is it found in being right? Rigid? Strict? Stuck in one way of thinking? Or does it bend and sway and rock and adapt and learn new ways of being amidst the challenges of life?

If we don’t bend, we will break. If we don’t learn to adapt, we will get sick, as rigidity in thinking causes stress which affects the nerves, sleep, overall health, and vitality.

A river flows around a rock. A weed grows through the cracks in the concrete. Peace and freedom are found by letting go, relaxing, and learning to mentally adapt when obstacles are placed in the way.

Sometimes obstacles are placed in our way for our benefit and to teach us something, to provide a new way of seeing.

We are not always right. And sometimes we need a perspective shift to allow us a deeper way of seeing.

Relax in the face of seriousness and see it turn into laughter. We have this one life this one time. Enjoy it.

It is through challenges that we grow and transform. And our ability to see problems as opportunities for our own growth paves the way to freedom and happiness and comfort.