Expect Change

daily updates Jul 19, 2021
Moon has moved into Scorpio for the next couple days. Today it’s in Vishakha Pada 4 until early afternoon where it switches to Anuradha Pada 1.
Moon in Scorpio is sitting with the eclipsing force, Ketu S Node of the Moon. This combo can create sudden shifts based on intuitive feelings.
Mind and emotions are highly sensitive to changes in the environment. Try not to take things personally and get offended.
The mind may feel like it’s sense of peace comfort, security, and nurturing is threatened, and it will do what it feels is necessary to get that sense of stability back. This becomes the unconscious reason for many of the decisions made at this time.
This makes the mind more intuitive and changeable. The mind can decide it’s going to go one way and then all of the sudden switch directions and go another based on a hunch. This can seem unpredictable.
The mind here becomes dynamic and a little revolutionary and creates a radical change in its own way of thinking and viewing things and then wants to execute that in the world around it and change others ways of thinking and acting. This can be at home, at work, in relationships.
Notice and be careful of the strong urge to push beliefs and opinions on to others and an attempt to change behavior.
It can seem a little sudden or extreme and unrealistic to others, but it’s coming from a deeper sense of knowing what others may not see.
The mind is investigative and dives deep into self-analysis, perceiving and thinking. It’s wanting to uncover the truth, meaning, purpose, and reasons for things and for recent changes in life.
Expect changes and shifts these next couple days. Expect new ideas, exchange of opinions, new opportunities, new ways of seeing things. This is inspirational, influential, pioneering energy that wants to transform something.