Pick Battles Wisely

daily updates Jul 20, 2021
For the larger part of today Moon is in Jyeshtha Nakshatra Pada 1.
Jyeshtha is ruled by Mercury and here the intellect is powerful and penetrating. What is right? What is wrong? What is the truth? The mind is digging down to the bottom of things to expose it and bring it to the light.
Mind today can question the sincerity of others. It wonders if it can trust others. It’s a little more fearful and skeptical.
Is it better to be right (and so heavily fighting for one’s own beliefs and opinions) or to be peaceful? When the mind is stuck on being right and rigid in its views about the way the world works and how things should be, others may see the individual as being too strict, cold, sarcastic, and harsh.
Pick battles wisely. There’s a tendency for the mind to provoke others in order to be victorious over them.
This is lawyer-like energy today. Notice this tendency in others and maybe even your own self to fight for a cause or a belief or to use penetrating intellect and personal power and authority to attempt to overcome something, especially through conversation.
If you’re a lawyer or have something to battle and overcome today, well, go get ‘em tiger! 🐅