Practice Tolerance

daily updates Jul 17, 2021

Happy Saturday! Moon is in Chittra Libra Pada 4 for most of the day today.

The mind and emotions are influenced by Saturn and Mars today making them more authoritative, decisive, a little moody, and less tolerant in dealing with others. Be mindful today.

Libra usually seeks balance and harmony and wants things to be nice, peaceful and beautiful as it is ruled by Venus, but the mind can get critical when it’s expectations and images of the way it thinks things should be are shattered.

Libra Moon tends to attract willful, aggressive, and assertive people and yet has a tendency to see them as unfair, demanding, selfish, self-centered, and too assertive and aggressive as Aries occupies the descendant 7th house.

Those who may bother you while Moon is in Libra can help you change and evolve and transform if you allow them to. They will challenge your values as Mars is the ruler of Aries in 7th and Scorpio in 2nd, if you don’t turn away from or break the mirror.

Be careful of harsh, emotional speech here and aggressively barking back at others when they do this. See the opportunity for personal growth instead.

Try to be a little less strict, rigid and domineering in the home life today and with children. Not everything has to be perfect and the way we envision it and expecting it to can cause tension in the home and depression.

Try to avoid telling others how they should be and behave and what they should do. Practice being more detached and less reactive today.

Be careful about fighting over possessions and money due to feeling a lack of security. There may be ups and downs financially or with employment. You may have gained money or lost money or overall instability in finances and career can lead to fears. We are always held by a greater force and help can come from an unexpected source. Have faith.

It’s a good day to meditate to stabilize the mind. It’s also good for diving into higher education, spirituality, philosophy, and mysticism studies. Let it teach you about accepting and relaxing in the face of change and transience. Keep the mind open.