Relax and Release: Yoga Nidra Meditation

teachings Aug 11, 2021

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that can be practiced by anyone. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "union with pure Consciousness". Nidra is a Sanskrit word meaning "deep sleep". Yoga Nidra is an ancient, deep meditation practice that originated in India over five thousand years ago and was designed to help people reach higher states of awareness and experience pure Consciousness. In our modern world, it is extremely helpful in reducing stress and preventing (and even healing) the results of stress on the mind and body. Stress is currently the number one cause of illness and disease in the United States.

Yoga Nidra is great for beginners, as it can be done lying down and requires no in-depth knowledge. There are many different styles of Yoga Nidra available, and they use a variety of meditation techniques, but the common thread is that all these practices start with conscious deep relaxation. One simply lays down and relaxes the body before allowing the mind to wander into a state of guided deep relaxation. This simple practice brings the individual's focus to the breath and the bodily sensations and creates a complete sense of well-being and peace. The body becomes so deeply relaxed in Yoga Nidra practice that it enters into what is known as “restful alertness.” While the body is still and deeply relaxed, the mind is awake and completely aware. Yoga Nidra may be used in conjunction with other forms of meditation or yoga practices, but it can also be done alone.

Besides stress relief, there are many other benefits to Yoga Nidra that have been experienced by people practicing this ancient technique. It may help reduce depression symptoms, anxiety, and/or insomnia. It has also helped with chronic pain management and addiction recovery. The healing benefits of Yoga Nidra are pretty amazing.

I hope you find this article both informative and helpful! If you would like to give Yoga Nidra a try, the best way to get started is to try the two guided practices included in my Relaxification mini Yoga Nidra course!

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