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daily updates Aug 05, 2021

In December of 2019, we had a New Moon Eclipse that kicked off the Coronavirus Pandemic. That New Moon Eclipse accompanied a planetary stellium in Sagittarius where Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Ketu the South Node of the Moon all conjoined. Mars was 12th house to this stellium. The New Moon was in a destructive Nakshatra star constellation in the sidereal sky called Mula. Mula means uprooting. Our world was about to be uprooted. Opposing this stellium was Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, in an equally destructive Nakshatra called Ardra. Ardra is the Nakshatra of turning a great wrong right again, reinstating Dharma. When the world slips too far into chaos, then we have a massive chaotic event that happens, and following that, we rebuild our country. 

This happens every 18.5 years. The last time the nodes of the moon were in these same positions was September 11, 2001 when we had the terrorist attacks. That also devastated our country and we had to rebuild after that. This particular nodal axis forces us to change and adjust to a new way of living. 18.5 years before that was the HIV AIDS crisis. 18.5 years before that was Kennedy assassination and the Vietnam War. The next time something major will happen to our country will be around January 2039 (remember this). 

Jyotisha is incredibly accurate at predicting world events. Another planetary alignment that aided in the pandemic of 2020 was Venus and Mercury entering Virgo in September of 2019, shortly followed by Mars and the Sun. This is most likely when the virus was created or leaked. In February 2020 Pluto entered sidereal Capricorn to join Saturn and in April 2020, Jupiter moved in to the cardinal sign Capricorn to conjoin the two. Whenever Pluto and Jupiter are conjoined in the same house in a cardinal sign of initiation, we usually have sickness and plagues. This alignment happened to cause the 14th century Black Death, the 1771 Russian Plague, 1918 Spanish Flu, and the 1981 HIV outbreak. Some of these also coincided with Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra, Ketu in Mula Nakshatra. This time period is when the virus really was spreading into the US and we were getting first reports out of New York. 

By March 17, 2020 we had entered a configuration called Kala Amrita Yoga, the Immortal Sake of Time Yoga. This is what I now call the Lockdown Yoga. It is where all the planets in the sidereal sky line up between the two nodes of the Moon, Ketu and Rahu. The planets start with Ketu and follow like a snake all the way across the Vedic chart towards Rahu. So all the planets become hemmed between these two planets. When Ketu starts the train, then the Yoga created is Kala Amrita. When Rahu starts the train, then the Yoga created is Kala Sarpa. They are very opposite. Ketu cuts us off from something, isolates us, limits us, and makes time feel like it is stretching on forever in that isolated space. This is how most of us felt during the lockdowns. Rahu has the opposite effect, it wants to get things going, open things back up again, expand. It was a most interesting thing to observe at the time, because former President, Donald Trump had the Rahu Kala Sarpa Yoga in his chart battling the Ketu Kala Amrita Yoga that was happening in the skies. So we had a situation where the President was resisting lockdowns and mask mandates and kept talking about how our country had to stay open. Meanwhile, other countries around the world were shutting down. 

Jupiter and Saturn together historically cause a period of stock market and financial decline. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and usually an indicator of wealth. Saturn is the planet of restriction and usually causes debts (it is also the planet of us paying off our karmic debts). When we have expansion and contraction at the same time, we have birthing pains! We experienced this between end of March 2020 and April 2021, and we will be seeing this again. After April 2021 the stock market and individual finances starting doing better due to Jupiter moving out of the grip of Saturn and Pluto and moving into Aquarius in the wealth promoting Nakshatra of Dhanishtha. We finally started to feel like we were returning to normal a bit, and the nodes had shifted to Rahu being exalted in Rohini Taurus, the placement of expansion and finding normalcy and stability. Ketu had moved into is most exalted point in Jyestha Scorpio, rising victorious over that which had defeated it.

By April we finally moved out of Kala Amrita Yoga, most of the lockdowns around the country stopped, and we had a nice run this Spring. Covid cases were down, the economy was trying to come back, restaurants were open and mask mandates were lifted all across the country and by the CDC. So what is happening that all of this is starting back up again with Covid? We are re-entering those same configurations that brought it all the first time, and I am sure we have all voiced or heard the words "here we go again" recently. 

Now is the time to prepare! I am writing this as a warning for all of us. Please be careful. Do whatever you can to boost your immune system, but please this time do not hoard all the toilet paper! Take care of your assets. 

On September 6, 2021 Mars will move into Virgo to conjoin Mercury again. Mercury is multiplicity and we are already seeing new variants that are causing devastating results in our country. We will most likely see more and deadlier ones. Lambda variant has already become vaccine resistant and is in our country spreading. There are several strains of B-variants gaining strength as well. 

On September 14, 2021 Jupiter will move back into Capricorn to conjunct Pluto and Saturn. This will initiate a decline in the stock market initially followed by periods of great volatility. We will start to see financial issues return that we saw in 2020-2021 before Jupiter moved from Capricorn into Aquarius in April 2021. Emotions will also rise and fall due to the pandemic, and we know that the stock market is emotionally driven. This will continue until Jupiter moves from Capricorn back into Aquarius on November 21, 2021. 

With the return of Jupiter to Saturn and Pluto conjunction, we will probably see a rise in aggression. Saturn and Jupiter are opposites and this will cause that divide that was so apparent in December 2020 and January 2021 to arise again. With warrior energy Mars combust by the Sun, the Sun takes away the good qualities of Mars and makes it more aggressive. We may see protests and revolutions arise again. We may see a return of themes we saw in the winter of last year as Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all retrograde meaning we are re-examining and returning to things. Saturn and Pluto both deal with rebellion and people will rebel against authority, mandates, rules, and regulations that are enacted in order to try to keep people safe in the US as this falls right over the US second house in the US natal chart. This second house is values, wants, needs, desires, finances, and institutions such as government, education, banks, etc. Neptune, the planet of delusion, opposing the Sun can cause some delusion in the way that everyone is seeing things in regards to this virus and events going on at the time and the way to handle it all.

On September 17, 2021 the Sun moves into Virgo to join Mars and Mercury until October 17, 2021 when the Sun moves into Libra. This will lower vitality and the ability to fight disease and illness. We will most likely see an increase in cases worldwide following this shift and more people going to the hospital for treatment. We may also see a third booster vaccine shot from Pfizer and Moderna released around this time as well as potential FDA approval of the vaccines. 

Mars moves into Libra October 22, 2021. On November 2, 2021 Mercury will move out of Virgo and things will start to temporarily improve with the virus all across the world. The stock market and finances will improve in late November, but I see things getting worse again after the Thanksgiving holiday, and I am having trouble predicting what this will look like. I will have to study the charts more.

On December 16, 2021 we move into another Kala Amrita Yoga (the Lockdown Yoga) until April 2022. We may start to see countries locking down from this point forward if they have not already. There will be some kind of retreat, withdrawal, and sense of isolation placed on everyone, and I am not as of this moment sure why, but I will examine this deeper as time progresses. It very well may be due to a rise in cases instigated from all of this so far in combination with the holidays. This is also the height of the flu season in the United States. We may see countries in and out of lockdowns and changing mandates. 

Prior to this we will have a total solar eclipse in Jyestha Nakshatra on December 4, 2021 where Ketu the South Node of the Moon, Sun, Moon, and Mercury will conjoin in Scorpio. Jyestha Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of battling something big and coming out victorious over it. It is a Nakshatra of power and authority and following it is the Kala Amrita Yoga. There may be changes made around this time by the governments that bring us into whatever events are connected with that Yoga. This same kind of eclipse, in a different sign and Nakshatra happened on December 26, 2019. Mars was 12th house to the eclipse and Mars will be 12th house to this December eclipse again.

On April 16, 2022 we will see a nodal shift between the two nodes of the Moon. Rahu North Node will move into Aries and Ketu South Node will move into Libra. This will be the begin of a period of healing for us. Jupiter will have also just moved into its own sign of Pisces by then. I can see things getting better from this point forward as we learn how to work with these variants and move on from here. 

Every time the nodes return to Gemini and Sagittarius, we have a major event in the US that changes the way that we have to do things. We have a period of adjustment and then a period of healing and then new ways that things function to deal with it after that. Just like we now have the TSA and new rules and regulations regarding flying due to the 9-11 attacks. We will be creating new ways of dealing with Coronavirus and its variants by then. 

Overall, I really hope that I am wrong. I am not trying to say all of this to scare anyone, but it is clear from the charts that this fall and winter are going to be challenging in the US and overseas for most people. We are already seeing the beginning of it, but it will get worse next month, in my opinion. My point in sharing this is to help you be prepared. Boost your immune system, get vaccinated to prevent death, mask up and wash your hands. Stay out of restaurants and shops and crowded places if possible after September 6th. I also see it will be impossible for schools to stay open without mask mandates and children being able to be vaccinated. More and more schools will return to virtual learning across the states and more and more parents will be putting their kids into virtual learning this fall. 

For more information watch the above video where I show you the chart and go into all of this in detail. I will provide more updates as situations change. 

Many Blessings and Stay Safe!