What Is A Solar Return?

teachings Sep 26, 2021

A Solar Return is an astrological event that occurs when the Sun reaches the same point in space as it did at your birth. It is a full orbit of the Earth around the Sun. This happens once every year, and a Solar Return Jyotisha chart can be drawn at the moment that the transit Sun reaches the exact degrees of your natal Sun. It is also referred to as a birthday chart or an astrological map of your future. The Solar Return chart shows the positions of all planets in your birth chart for the same time next year. The most notable use for a Solar Return Chart is predicting future events and seeing how they may affect you or others close to you. You can then prepare ahead and take advantage of upcoming opportunities. You can also see what life-changing decisions will need to be made in the upcoming year with regards to finance, career, relationships, etc. 

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