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Light of the Spirit: An Introduction to Jyotisha

What Is Jyotisha? 

You may have heard of Jyotisha also referred to by some as Vedic Astrology and that it comes from the Vedas, but what are the Vedas? The term “astrology” does not really apply to Jyotisha because this science is so in-depth and is way different from and much more complex and comprehensive than what we know of as Western Astrology. Jyotisha is one of the Vedic healing arts, and it accompanies Ayurveda (Vedic healing of the body), Yoga (Vedic lifestyle and practices), and Vastu (Vedic alignment of the inner and external environments) in helping one create a whole and integrated life.

In this FREE class, Jennifer Jacobsen teaches an introduction to the Vedas and Vedic Teachings and how Jyotisha evolved out of the Vedas. She also provides a basic introduction to Jyotisha that will be helpful for anyone who decides to explore Jyotisha deeper. This will also provide the background necessary for those of you who wish to schedule a Jyotisha Session.