Are you ready to reduce stress and reduce anxiety, depression and chronic pain - but don't know how?   

RelaxificationTM is a mini Yoga Nidra meditation workshop and training package that will help you to find stress relief and experience diminished anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. 

Break up with stress. Try RelaxificationTM.


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What if you could learn how to handle stress once and for all?

What if there were a simple technique that you could do that would help you reduce stress? What if you could manage and even stop anxiety and panic attacks? What if you could improve sleep and potentially eliminate the negative effects that chronic stress has on your body? 


With RelaxificationTM there is no need for stress.

You will learn a proven technique for reducing stress and finding deep relaxation in just a few hours (or days, depending on how quickly you move through the course). Yoga Nidra is an ancient, reclining meditation practice that progressively, deeply relaxes you and guides you into a state of meditative awareness through a series of guided prompts. It is simple enough for anyone to do daily and has tremendous healing benefits. 


Tell me if this sounds like you:

You feel a subtle layer of tension in your body at all times

You struggle with depression and/or anxiety

You have a history of panic attacks

You have chronic pain or inflammation in your body

You are dealing with hormonal changes or PMS

You have high or crashed cortisol levels

You have thyroid or other endocrine imbalances

You deal with brain fog

You have a recent or prolonged history navigating trauma

You have insomnia, disturbed, or restless sleep

You have a lowered immunity to illnesses


What if there was a way to alleviate or even eradicate these symptoms? 

That is exactly why I created RelaxificationTM. I want to help you break up with chronic stress and find the health and wellness you deserve to feel.


Feel more relaxed and have greater peace of mind within just a few hours.


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So, what is included with my RelaxificationTM purchase?

3 Part Video Training

This simplified video training will teach you how the mind works (based on ancient Vedic teachings), how stress impacts the mind, emotions, and body and also teach you how your brain functions in regards to stress and relaxation.


The T.U.R.T.L.E. Method

This condensed video will teach you everything you need to know about RelaxificationTM Yoga Nidra practice and its unique 5 step formulaic process that I have called the T.U.R.T.L.E. Method.  


2 Audio Practices

Also included are two full RelaxificationTM Yoga Nidra audio practices, one for stress relief and one for overall health and wellness. These can be downloaded to any device and practiced multiple times a day.  


Script and Template

I have included a sample RelaxificationTM Yoga Nidra Script and Template PDF for designing (and possibly leading) your own personalized practices. 


Spotify Playlist

You will also have access to my unique RelaxificationTM Yoga Nidra Spotify Music Playlist for you to enjoy soothing, stress-reducing tunes all day long.


$250 Value

Now only $65!

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn't suffer with chronic stress.

Imagine the tension in your body melting away.

Imagine what it would feel like to be totally relaxed.

Imagine not having to suffer with constant pain and inflammation.

Imagine feeling less reactive.

Imagine feeling happy and not troubled by worries.

Imagine feeling calm.

Imagine getting a good night's sleep and feeling rested and energized. 

You can feel better!


I Want To Feel Better Now

Hi, I'm Jennifer Jacobsen!

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Jyotisha Vedic Astrologer with a passion for healing. I am also a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (MA46676), Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and Continuing Education Provider. I have been a practitioner of the healing arts since 2004 and have studied under many wonderful and enlightening spiritual teachers and wellness practitioners.

The idea for this RelaxificationTM workshop came to me through my desire to help alleviate the dramatic increase in symptoms of chronic stress that I have seen arise in the past couple years. I too had a long battle with chronic stress in my life that caused a slew of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Yoga Nidra has been a tremendous help in my own healing journey and has provided a simple and effective set of tools for me to turn to when I need to relax and unburden myself.

The Yoga Nidra in-person mini retreats that I lead have always been incredibly popular. I wanted to provide my customized practices and soothing playlist for all who wanted access to them in this new digital environment, but I also wanted to educate individuals on how stress impacts their psychology and physiology. With this, RelaxificationTM was born. 

Inside the RelaxificationTM workshop, I share:


The ancient history of Yoga Nidra 

What causes stress and anxiety in the mind

How stress affects our nervous system

How stress affects our endocrine system

Teachings on Dharma and Karma

How the brain is affected by stress and relaxation

My unique T.U.R.T.L.E. Method of the RelaxificationTM process

How you can create your own unique RelaxificationTM practices

...Complete with all the video tutorials, audio downloads, scripts, templates, and the music playlist that you will need to make it easy for you!

Imagine where you could be a few hours from now!

Imagine how your life will change in just a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and a year from now! You can be a whole new person by just removing stress from your life through the ancient technique of Yoga Nidra meditation! You can be relaxed, calm, energized, pain free, well-rested and happy!

Imagine that! Now is the time to take action!

Grab RelaxificationTM today...


Now only $65


I'm So Ready! Let's Do This!