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VISHAKHA is an ancient Sanskrit word that means "to branch away from", to follow your own unique path as opposed to the path the world wants you to follow. It is a fork in the road, a transition space between your old self and your new life ahead. Who are you in your Highest Light? Who are you if you refuse to play small? What kind of life do you want to live? I am your Soul Path Coach, here to help you find the answers. I help you give birth to your most authentic and aligned Self.

Through the ancient system of Jyotisha Vedic Astrology (Soul Path Coaching) we will discover your purpose, your unique way of shining, and how you are to carry your light out into the world. We will uncover what is holding you back from living brightly. You will learn radical self-acceptance, begin healing past hurt and trauma, overcome limiting beliefs, and learn to love yourself. This will heal your mindset.

Next we will heal the years of stress that living out of alignment with your true Self has inflicted on your mind and body. I will introduce you to gentle Yin Yoga movement practices, simple yet powerful Meditation techniques, and the healing wisdom of Ayurveda. These three will help to move your body out of a stressful state and bring you back to peace, relaxation, clarity, and vitality. 

Finally, we will birth the new you and your new way of living. With a new mindset and a refreshed mind and body, I will help you integrate the true You with your Soul Path through the help of ancient Vedic Lifestyle Teachings. As your Soul Path Coach, I am with you every step of the way. 


One day you may wake up and realize that you are stuck in a pattern in relationships. Perhaps life doesn't feel as fulfilling or you are tired of being in the same profession for years. Perhaps you are going through a big life transition. Below are just some of the life areas I can help you navigate with the ancient tool of Jyotisha.

  • Life Purpose and Mission 
  • Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
  • Communication and Boundaries
  • Self-Expression and Creativity
  • Home and Property
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Family and Parents
  • Children
  • Health and Wellness
  • Childhood and Past Trauma
  • Fears and Anxieties
  • Education
  • Travel and Foreign Settlement
  • Career and Business Coaching
  • Obstacles and Challenges
  • Friendships and Network Circles
  • Spiritual Guidance and Practices
  • LGBTQ+ and Alternative Lifestyles 

Three Healing Paths To The Aligned You

Heal Your Mindset

Deeply explore your nature, purpose, mission in life, and your strengths and challenges through Jyotisha coaching sessions.

Rejuvenate Mind & Body

Find wellness and bring balance to your mind and body through the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

Learn A New Way Of Living 

Enroll in courses and trainings on how you can most successfully co-participate with life utilizing ancient Vedic Knowledge. 

Take the empowering step to know yourself deeply and live the joyful life you deserve.

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What Others Are Saying

"After having a Jyotisha reading with Jennifer, I have come away feeling inspired and enriched. Jennifer is incredibly intuitive and perceptive, and the things she said during the session, at times, felt like magic: they were spot on, to the smallest of details. What I found especially helpful was the level of depth provided by the reading...I experienced first-hand Jennifer's talent of weaving together many different strands of the chart into one tapestry. I had a number of "a-ha" moments when the roots of my challenges finally made sense and became clear through the insight that Jennifer offered. I can only imagine how much preparation went into providing such a thorough analysis. The reading has given me a lot to contemplate and offered a different way to look at my dilemmas. Most importantly, I came away feeling empowered, energized and excited about the next steps in my journey...I encourage anyone who is contemplating a difficult decision, struggling with challenges, or wishing to gain more self-awareness to better equip them in their life's journey, to use Jennifer's services. It is absolutely an investment worth making."
Dina G.

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